A balance of velvety & gritty voices arranged beautifully to a classic Blues-Rock style make for a very appealing sound.
— Ryan Brewer


Sibling songwriters Stewart and Emily Gude come together with bass player Tom Davis and drummer Allante Piazza to form the band Radiokeys, a musical entity that flirts with traditional sounds, yet creates a unique and fresh blend of blues, folk, & Americana. The band was formed in 2009 and currently live in St Helena & Oakland, playing venues spanning across the Bay Area and beyond.

Their songs echo classic troubles and vices while also addressing the everyday trials and existential dilemma of being a young artist finding their footing in today’s world. Executed with a balance of gorgeous instrumentation complimented by Emily’s velvety voice and Stewart’s raspy vocals, Radiokeys' sound is both triumphantly contemporary, and wonderfully familiar, culminating in a musical entity that could only stem from the imaginations of blood relatives.


Stewart Gude
Lead Guitar / Vocals

Emily Gude
Vocals / Rhythm Guitar / Tambourine

Allante Piazza

Tom Davis